In 2005, I started Alive & Well Naturally, a wellness center providing thermal imaging, lymphatic drainage, chiropractic care, Healing Touch, Raindrop technique, living foods, and educational classes. Being a part of another’s healing has truly been a blessing for me. I have seen first-hand how skin brushing can improve congested breast tissue and how certain therapies can significantly alter a tumor. Prior to opening the center, I worked as a licensed practical nurse for over a decade, where I treated patients in Telemetry step-down units, as well as those on ventilators.   

My interest in Thermography began with my mother’s personal health journey. In 2002, she was experiencing breast health issues, necessitating three mammograms in one week, as well as an ultrasound. All tests came back with inconclusive results.  I next took her to a Thermography center to undergo thermal breast imaging.  The results from that evaluation also proved to be unsatisfactory as we were given only five color images and a three-line explanation stating that areas on her breast “…are hyperthermic or hypothermic.” We were then told to return in three months. Unwilling to wait three months, I searched for another Thermography center, but there were none in Florida utilizing more advanced thermal imaging technology.  At that point, I was inspired to provide advanced breast thermal imaging for my Mom and for the women in my community through the wellness center. 

Unfortunately, in 2003, I was diagnosed with Borderline Ovarian Cancer.  A tumor, the size of a grapefruit, grew to the size of a basketball within three months.   The abdominal pain during this time was so excruciating, I was unable to work or care for myself, much less care for my thirteen year old daughter.  I began a journey of healing; physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Several months of physical cleansing using herbs, enzymes, raw foods, juicing and lymphatic decongestion with oxygen; allowed me to experience first hand how a tumor responded to these therapies.  The tumor went from feeling very firm to feeling mushy when pressing into the abdominal area.  Emotionally and since the age fourteen, I did not have a great desire to live.  Spiritually, having received Christ as my Savior at age ten, I believed that taking my life would have been unforgivable.  For close to twenty years, I prayed the Lord to take my life.  Several months into the cleansing and detoxification process, the tumor even though softening and becoming smaller, an eight inch section of my small intestines collapsed and surgery was in order.  Minutes prior to entering the surgical room, is where my spiritual and emotional healing began and I choose to live.  I now live to serve others.

Since that time, I have been providing private client Thermography evaluations, lymphatic decongestion, MediCupping, essential oil techniques, living food choices, herbs and other services proven helpful in my own healing.  I have also traveled throughout the United States conducting seminars and workshops on breast health.   I am a frequent presenter at conferences where I continue my mission to educate people on breast health care protocols and the wellness techniques I have developed at Alive & Well Naturally.