Live blood microscopy is a way for us to get a snap shot of what is happening in the blood - right now. We simply take a small drop of blood from the clients finger and put it on a slide. Using a microscope we can see Inside that drop of blood to an amazing world of information. Typically we find indicators of lifestyle choices that can the impact wellbeing either in a positive or negative manner. Our goal is to help you take stock in where you are at and provide you with a set of tools to observe your progress on your journey to a healthier you.

Live Blood Before & After Raindrop Technique on a BioMat at 140°F

In this short video we take a look at a 19-year-old girl who eats healthy. We see many common indicators in the blood such as sugar acid crystals, we typically see them in fruit eaters. We also see undigested proteins typically found in people who eat nuts and seeds. You will also see a neutrophil, which is a form of a white blood cell, that is in a pocket of acid crystals. This white blood cell is doing its job and consuming the waste. the most important part we want you to pay attention to is the Rouleau found in the before sample and what happens after she has a Raindrop technique treatment on a BioMat at 140F.


BioMat High Heat Session 158°F For One Hour

The images below are from a gal in her mid-40s who eats healthy. In the before images we can see Rouleau as well as acid. The acid bubbles that we are seeing in the before pictures are typically found in someone who worries. After one hour on the BioMat at the highest heat 158°F, we can see a significant reduction in the acid as well as the Rouleau.