Sarah Bronson on Emotional Stress Diffusion

Often described as the ultimate human tune-up, is like having a 'Happiness Alignment'.

Let’s face it, sometimes you feel stuck as if on a hamster wheel and no matter what you do ‘it’ keeps going around and around. Through biofeedback from your body, an Emotional Stress De-fusion allows you to break the self-defeating cycle. Unlike traditional methods of self-improvement, Emotional Stress Diffusion is the system we use to help people improve their lives.

• By using simple corrections or reading specific material, negative emotions attached to past events are released and de-fused.
• Once those neuro-pathways no longer run the show, you are free to create new pathways with a new choice, new self-talk and new behavior.
• You can now choose your response to life. Some say it’s like getting in touch with ones inner knowing.

Sounds simple? It is. It’s the ah-ha of well-being and contentment.
YOU choose the areas in which you wish to improve.

Find Joy and Happiness ~ discover Peace of Mind
Enhance Self-Esteem ~ feel valued and worthy of love
Improve Relationships ~ with your spouse, partner, children, parents, friends, and co-workers
Improve Health ~ physical, mental and emotional
Improve Performance ~ public speaking, singing, dancing, sex, prosperity and abundance
Release Limitation ~ in any area that’s important to you -even your tennis or golf game

ESD uses biofeedback from your body to access information on a body or cellular level. Your life experiences and your emotions have become linked or fused together. When you experience a similar situation this link (experiences + emotions) that has been stored together is then recalled together, having you repeat past unproductive behaviors and stuck to respond differently. Amazingly, 95% of our blocks are rooted in stress, or negative emotion, and can be gently removed or de-fused. You will gain answers that your body contains where you have been unable to connect the dots on a conscious level.

We live our lives with self-imposed limitations, things that we are convinced we cannot overcome because of past pain associated with the event. In a one-on-one setting, you decide the area of life you want to improve. You are then assisted to identify the blocks associated with that area. By using one or more of a wide variety of correction techniques, the stressor is released. Now you are free to consciously choose how you want to respond.
Freedom and peace of mind are available.

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